Reduced price! Bosch Antracite-Performace Frame Battery 500Wh

Bosch Antracite-Performace Frame Battery 500Wh




Power Packs of the Performance Line/frame battery: lithium-ion batteries with 500 Wh

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Bosch Antracite-Performance Frame Battery 500Wh

The new Performance Line offers a completely new riding experience for all who like their ride to be particularly sporty and powerful, who are looking for a new athletic challenge and who want to be underway in a dynamic fashion. Whether with Cruise up to 25 km/h or Speed up to 45 km/h, with the Performance Line Bosch is bringing a mass of energy and momentum to the street, to the dirt road, to the pass, to the single trail. The powerful drive system is both impulsive and controllable. With the highest precision, its performance is combined with that of the ebiker, generating support that dominates every terrain and every gear. From flat to steep. From moderate to full power. Its design and ergonomics combine a high level of aesthetics and ease of use, making the Performance Line and its dynamic drive into the ideal system for a wide variety of very high requirements.

Ideal conditions** Flat terrain, approx. 15 km/h average speed, no headwind, approx. 20°C ambient temperature, high-quality bike components, tyre tread and pressure with minimal rolling resistance, experienced ebike rider (always shifts gears correctly), additional weight (excluding bike weight) < 70 kg.

Favourable conditions** Slightly hilly terrain, approx. 20 km/h average speed, slight headwind, approx. 10°C to 20°C ambient temperature, medium-quality bike components, tyre tread and pressure with average rolling resistance, favourable cadence, ebike rider shifts correctly most of the time, additional weight (excluding bike weight) 70 kg to 80 kg.

Difficult conditions** Terrain with long and steep inclines, approx. 25 km/h (Speed: 30 km/h), possibly strong headwind, < 10°C ambient temperature, bicycle components with relatively low efficiency, tyre tread and pressure with increased rolling resistance, unfavourable gear selection / cadence, additional weight (excluding bike weight) > 85 kg.

Bosch e-bike electric system

Bosch is one of the best e-bike electric systems manufacturer. It's electric engines are reliable and technologically advanced, Bosch speedometers are real personal computers and the batteries are long lasting Li-Ion type. The best ebikes manufacturers are using Bosch advanced systems to power their units!


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