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The general conditions hereby described have as subject the products or services purchase by distance, through internet, on www.bluedream.it internet site and connected or readdressed sites, owned by Bluedream Srl, Viale dell'Industria, 85, 35129 Padua (PD) Italy, VAT n° 04842280283. Every purchase will be ruled by the disposition of DLgs 206/2005 and for privacy matter, will be valid what at DLgs 196/2003 and its subsequent changes.

General conditions acceptance

The contract between Bluedream S.r.l. and the customer is intended to be closed in the same moment Bluedream accept the order. This procedure will take place tacitly. Placing and order with one of the foresee modalities, the Customer, declare to have read, understood and accepted all the indications delivered during the purchase process and all the general conditions mentioned in this document.

If the purchaser is an end customer (that is a phisical person who buys an item with intentions that go beyond any professional activity, thus without VAT n°), he will have to, respecting the law about distance sales DLgs 206/2005 and about privacy, save electronic copy or print and preserve these purchase terms previously agreed.

The customer accepts totally Bluedream contractual abstention in case of direct and indirect damages to things or persons, caused by the non-acceptance, also partially, of an order and he renounces any other eventual request or refund for lack of earning, lack of time, lodging, medical expenses, lack of usage etc.


Purchase modality

The products the customer can buy are only those available in the catalogues on internet sites www.bluedream.it, www.ebikedream.com, www.scuba-dream.com at the moment of the order, with the features enlisted into the various pages related to the product and in the data sheets. The images found in the product pages could not be the product exact reproduction, possible changes are in sizes, colours, shapes, etc. Manufacturer or distributor can change the features of the products in any moment without prior advice to improve it or to make it meet law regulations. Pictures can reproduce also accessories and items that are not delivered within the product itself, please read carefully the description to understand what will be supplied, and if uncertain please contact Bluedream by the site module, the email address info@bluedream.it or calling 0039 0498901133.

Bluedream will confirm the order with a first email sent to the email address left by the customer and with a second email there will be a order confirmation module in attachment; or the customer can log in on the site and see the status of the orders in any moment.

The order confirmations will clearly report the order name (alphanumerical code automatically generated) and this have to be reported in every other communication with Bluedream. The order confirmation document will report all customer data, it will be up to the customer to doublecheck the truthfulness of these and, if any mistake is present, to communicate to Bluedream the corrections. The expedition costs will be declared in clear during the purchase process. Another thing that will be communicated is the total amount paied by the customer with one of the modalities here following.

Bluedream agrees to communicate as soon as possible to the customer each single modification or lack of acceptance of the order through the data given by the customer during the registration process. Every kind of complaint have to be sent by email to info@bluedream.it or by using the module on the internet site.

Payment methods

The customer will be able to choose between different payment methods proposed during the purchase process or requested as a special via email or using the contact form on the internet site, from one of the following:

  • Cash payment at the delivery, this will add +2% of the total as transportation fee.
  • Credit / Debit card payment through Paypal.
  • Payment through Paypal account.
  • Payment by money wire transfer, in this case Bluedream will wait until the transfer will be verified.
  • Payment by cash or card if the product is picked from Bluedream Padua facility.

No other kind of payment will be accepted.



Withdrawal right

As per European Community consumer code, if the final customer, intended as the consumer of the good (a physical person who buys the good to no professional purposes or for renting, reselling, use for professional services, so the entity that buys the good using its VAT number), has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the necessity to communicate it. The customer has to send to Bluedream S.r.l. a communication to pursue this aim before ten days from goods receipt date. This communication should be sent through our "Contact us" module, indicating the order number and the case from the following list: return for order mistake, return for feature mistake (colour, size etc), return for item damaged, return for personal causes.

When Bluedream will receive the communication our customer service will contact the customer to release the return modalities.

N.B.: Please envelope the item box in another package to avoid damages. The item has to be new and unused! If the item is not new and unused don't send it because it will not be accepted. Please read and understand the following points before sending the good:

  • The good has to be complete, the customer can't retain any good's part as, but not only, accessories, software, attachments etc.
  • If any manufacturer seal is broken the good and what contained in the box can't be accepted as a return, as per Consumer Code art. 67-2.
  • The customer has to preserve the item, package and package contents integrity, he doesn't have to attach directly to the package adhesive tapes or labels. Remember that the item will be sold again. If you received something with a scratched package, how would you feel?
  • The return transportation cost is up to the customer. Returns that will be delivered to be paied will be rejected directly. 
  • The customer is totally responsible for the goods till this is arrived to Bluedream facilities and accepted. If the package will be found to be visually broken or damaged Bluedream will sign the transportation bill with "to be checked" mark and communicate immediately the fact to the customer (till 2 working days) so the customer could ask the forwarder for reimbursement if the good have been covered with an insurance practice. In any case the item will be available to be picked up from Bluedream facilities till one year from the delivery date, after that date Bluedream will dispose of it. In the case the goods will not be covered by insurance, Bluedream will not reimburse any cost to the customer. 
  • Once Bluedream receives the package, its customer service dept. will check the product's integrity and usage. If the item will not respect what written before in this text, it will not be accepted, totally or partially, as a return. Bluedream reserves itself the right to withold till the 10% of the total rembursment as a fee to restore the good.
  • Except about restoring fee, Bluedream will reimburse the customer till and not over 30 days. It will be customer's choice how to receive the reimbursment, if with a credit note, a wire transfer, a digital account charge or else.
  • Bluedream will not recognize the withdrawal right in the following cases: 
  • The item's package, intended as the product set (wrapping, accessories, software, papers etc), will be missing and/or damaged or used with negligence.



Every product sold by Bluedrem applies the warranty of 24 consecutive months from the invoice date, against assembling, manufacturing or material defects, excluding the parts considerable maintenance parts as batteries, gaskets, brake pads, chains or belts, bulbs etc or bodyworks as fenders, outer plastic parts, labels, decals, handles and so on. Refer to the product owner manual to have the complete list of what is excluded from warranty. Once the product will be checked by Bluedream aftersales dept. the customer will be told if the warranty applies or not. 

Once the product has been technically checked, Bluedream service dept. will inform the customer if the damage is covered by warranty. If the damage will not be covered by warranty the customer will be asked for the payment of the repairing operations and if these will not be sustained the product will be retained till the item check costs (40€) will be payed, as per art. 2756/3 Italian Civil Code.

The damage evaluation will be done keeping into consideration factors as wear and maintenance condition, as stated on the owner manual of each product. The conformity warranty is signed and valid only if the purchase has been done by a final user. If the conformity defect will be recognized as a warranty covered damage, Bluedream will provide the solution to restore the product with no costs for the customer, as per art. 130/2 from European Consumer Code. As prescribed on art 130/4 from European Consumer Code Bluedream, in the case the contract will be totally solved, will evaluate the actual value of the product keeping into consideration wear, maintenante situation, age of the product, VAT deduction, if the product was not damaged, prior to emit a reimbursement or a product exchange. 

The fixing/replacement timing totally depends on the spare parts/unit availability. The normal timing Bluedream can foresee is 15 working days from the date the problem solution is agreed by the parts, but this can be prolonged if parts/items are missing. Bluedream, in order to serve the customer at its best, will try to agree with him/her every other possible solution, if necessary.

The customer, buying the product from Bluedream, accept, as here over described, no reimbursement can be requested for: repairing or replacement delays, inconveniences, loss of profit, transportation or personal costs and not only. 

Stated Bluedream cannot remotly define the damage nature (covered by warranty or not), but only phisically checking the product, the customer agrees to send the product by his own expense to Bluedream facilities using the proper procedure. The product must be sent within all the accessories and the original packaging.

Note: all the degradable material sold by Bluedream, both by their own or contained into a package, have maximum six months warranty coverage only from the invoice date. These materials are, for example, batteries, oils, waxes and all the "living" things.



All the data collected during order procedure or during account subscription in Bluedream's internet sites will be treated only to process the requested activities and will not be redistribute to third parts. Bluedream grants the personal data treatment norm respect, as stated by European Consumer Code, for any data in its possession.

Bluedream, as per art. 13 DLgs 30-06-2003, will treat your personal data within applicable current european law on personal data treatment.

You are not obliged in any way to insert the data to enter the information about our products, but they are necessary to process some operations as order payment and delivery. Data will be treated by telematic methods, through electronic means and will be visualized by third parts only to process the requested operations (as by the forwarder or the employee who fill in the order details etc).

You can, as per art. 7 DLgs 30-06-2003, request in every moment the following:

  • Confirmation of your data existence in Bluedream's database;
  • The origin of your data existing in Bluedream's database;
  • The means and modality about your data treatment;
  • Identity of the data owner and the identity of everyone who can visualize them.

Moreover you have the right to:

  • Obtain your data correction, integration or update;
  • Obtain the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of your data;
  • Oppose to the data treatment for any of the following: advertising, direct sales, market researches, commercial communication.

Cookies management is subject only to customer recognization to give the best browsing experience possible. The cookies can be deleted directly from your browser following the browser indications. We advice against deactivate or erase totally the cookies as some of our internet sites features won't work properly and it will not possible to finalize an order.

You, after reading this last chapter named "Privacy", are totally conscious of all your right about privacy policy. Marking the appropriate field on the order form, you agree with Bluedream data managing policy, as stated here over.



Every complaint have to be forwarded to Bluedream with one or more of the following methods: via email to info@bluedream.it, filling in the contact module on our internet sites, writing by normal post to Bluedream S.r.l., Viale dell'Industria, 85 - 35129 Padova (PD) Italy.

The sales contract between Bluedream S.r.l. and the customer is deemed concluded in Italy and is therefore regulated by the Italian law. For the solution of any civil and / or criminal penalties, the jurisdiction shall be solely of Padua.


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