The Performance engine with a power of 250 Watt allows sensitivity and balance during the pedal assistance up to 25 km/h, according to applicable regulations. Despite the assistance, while riding, the feeling that you will have is dynamic and certainly as close as possible to the feeling that a classic bike gives, as it reacts to the torque pulse given to pedals, making the ride still active.

The system is provided with three sensors which measure torque applied to pedals, frequency with which you cycle and speed. These features allow the optimum setting of assistance in every moment, making the bike a pleasant one in every environment.

The new geometries ensure more empty space between ground and engine, while making it lighter and more compact. Famous for the strength of its products, Bosch has been able to conceive a maintenance-free engine, silent and vibration-free. The system recognizes the current gear, returning sensations of the extreme fluidity during the gear change, and allowing an inferior wear of all the assembled gear-chain.

Technical features of the engine:

Maximum torque tensile (calculated on ratio 1:1 crank/crown)

Turbo: 60 Nm

Sport: 55 Nm

Tour: 50 Nm

Eco: 40 Nm

Max assisted speed: 25 km/h

Recognition gear change: yes

Departure: sport

Weight: <4kg


Active Bosch batteries ensure the best performance in the market of ebikes with pedal assistance in relation of immediate durability and lifespan. In their systems to protect against any over absorptions, overloading, high temperatures and short circuits make these batteries technologically advanced. Their compact size and low weight make it the ideal feed for the best brands of ebikes.

These lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, nor the effect of spontaneous discharge. It is possible to charge them at any time directly on the bike, without waiting for them to be completely flat.

Special chargers designed for Bosch batteries allow a quick, efficient and safe charge. They are the quietest and lightest in their class and ensure the full battery charge in just 3.5 hours. A battery recharge of 50% can be completed in 1.5 hours. For all these features, Bosch batteries are definitely suitable for long journeys, to never run out of charge.


Bosch declares a maximum travel range up to 190 km. The data can be naturally affected by factors such as the chosen path, the operating temperature, the level of selected assistance, user's physiological characteristics (e.g. weight and height), the level of maintenance and configuration of the eBike, correct use of the gear. Under conditions of heavy stress, the autonomy could drop to less than 40 Km. (For more detailed information consult the manufacturer's website.)

NB: All provided informations are correct at the time of writing, but they could change at any time.

Onboard Computer

The onboard computer Intuvia has separate control handlebar in order to manage all the functions without leaving the handlebars, ensuring complete safety.

Intuvia monitor is easy to read, even in the sun. All data have been positioned to be read in an efficient and intuitive way. From your computer you can choose among five levels of assistance and the "walk" function, and you can read information about speed, total distance, trip distance, maximum speed, average speed, travel time, suggestion about gear shift. It is also possible to connect the lights to control them via onboard computer.

All data are stored in the control unit of the computer Intuvia, so that it’s possible to check them even when not connected to the eBike.

Bosch Computer

The 2015 brand new computer Nyon is the evolution of the species. The possibility to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth makes Nyon the interactive tool to organize, browse, stay in touch. By connecting Nyon to your smartphone, during the excursion, you can see directly into the monitor the programmed path or what you are doing, they will also be displayed message notifications and calls received, all in real time.

NB: Read HERE compatible smartphones.

The computer for eBike Nyon displays information relating to speed, total distance, trip distance, maximum speed, average speed, travel time, suggestion about gear shift, the average pedaling, burned calories, distance, remaining battery life and much more.




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